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Volunteers are integral to our organization.

Team Application

Please fill out the application below to be considered for an upcoming team. Make sure you identify which team you are interested in traveling with. You may only apply for one team per submission. Fields marked with an asterix are mandatory and must be completed before you application will be accepted.

NOTE: Passports must be obtained prior to departure. Once you have obtained a passport, please email a color scan of your passport to the Operations Coordinator: Monica C.Holgen:

Team Applying For:

Contact Information:
Must match passport
Must match passport
Must match passport


Address where you can receive mail and packages
Shirt Size:
Preferred Airport of Departure (Must be major USA Hub airport and not a regional airport)

Professional Information


Professional Background:

Language Skills

For medical and licensed professionals only

Is your professional license current and active?:
If yes, is your license unencumbered?:
Has your license ever been suspended or revoked?:
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You may scan and email to is you are having difficulty uploading your resume This information is required for medical professionals
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To be considered for medical or dental placement

Passport Information

Are you a United States citizen?:
Do you have passport information yet?:

Emergency Contact Information

Please type NONE if not applicable.
Physical limitations or medical conditions:
Because we send teams to remote areas of the world where there are potential health hazards and risks, varying levels of physical demands, limited hygiene facilities, extreme weather and very basic living conditions, it is critical that all members on any team are in appropriate physical and mental condition to handle the level of challenge present in the trip applied for. Each trip and location is different and will pose different types and levels of challenges, which Project Helping Hands outlines on the website in the trip descriptions. It behooves everyone on the team as well as the people we serve to make sure all members of a team are in appropriate condition to handle the rigors and stresses that will be faced on each mission. Having medical or mental conditions does not necessarily disqualify you from joining a team. It is helpful for team leaders to be aware of potential medical issues team members may have. (Examples of the types of conditions we want to be aware of include: diabetes, heart disease, hepatitis, asthma, sleep apnea, seizure disorders, and problems that limit mobility.) Do you have any physical limitations or medical conditions that could prevent you from safely participating in the trip you are applying for?
Please make sure that you have checked over all of your information in the above form and that it matches the information on your passport. Airline tickets will be based off of this information and any errors submitted may result in additional costs at the applicant's expense. Check this box to verify that your information is valid and that you are aware of the consequences that may ensue if information is incorrect.

Please note: There is a $300 Deposit Fee due when you submit this application. If selected as a team member this fee will be applied toward the cost of your trip and is non-refundable per IRS regulations. In the event that you are not selected for this team you have the option of either a refund of the full Application Fee, you can apply these funds toward another PHH trip or you can donate these funds to PHH and receive a tax deduction receipt for your donation. Once you submit this application, you will be directed to our donation page to pay for this fee. 
Be sure to select the trip you are applying for from the pull-down menu under "Please direct my donation to:".

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